Something On The Shelf Is Staring At Me

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s a face greeting you on the Crazy Gin bottle which isn’t very common with a lot of spirits. We consider ourselves to have a healthy love for food and drink, so we’ve seen our fair share of beautiful labels and bottles.When it came time to work on our own product, although we loved lots of the labels and bottles we saw, we knew we wanted to make something unconventional. This led us to think about how we could be resourceful but still create a bottle and label that people would be drawn to.  The words of Charles Spence were imprinted on our mind: “How do you disrupt people from the shelf?”

We decided that we were going to bring our bottle to life by putting a face on the label. The glasses on the label are The Crazy Singh’s as we wanted it to be a representation of our story in the same way that the ingredients are. Also, who doesn’t like to see a friendly face when they go out? When you’re shopping for a spirit, Crazy Gin is that friendly face that you want to reach for. While we knew we  wanted a playful label, we also wanted it to be informative.

Our first version of the label wasn’t the most successful as we had realised that we didn’t include our website or any social media information but you live and learn. Now our label includes all of our contact information if you’d like to reach us. The eyebrows state that we use vacuum distillation, the process that we use to actually make the gin. If you look closely, you’ll even see “Formula 4” on the bottle because initially, when we were trying to balance out the amount of turmeric in the drink, we had 8 versions of Crazy Gin with it at varying strengths.

With the Crazy Singh’s love hate relationship with Turmeric we needed to ensure it was well balanced within the gin and Formula 4 hit the spot. With our label, we like to hide things in plain sight so next time you buy a bottle, take a good look at it and see what else you can find!

Naomi Spence