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crazy co imagination unleashed

Although our Crazy imagination started with Crazy Gin, we have ambitions to share other amazing taste experiences with the world.  


To do that we have decided to call ourselves Crazy Co. The makers behind Crazy Gin.

We take flavours that have inspired our imagination and distil them to inspire yours. 

For bar and restaurant goers, party throwers or home relaxers, Crazy is a spirits brand that provides authentic taste experiences which can be as versatile as your ideas of what to do with them. 

We created the worlds first clear lassi gin which can be drunk as a refreshing G&T or an elaborate cocktail, and now we're working on distilled flavours such as turmeric, pomegranate and yogurt (yes yogurt) which can be used to flavour cocktails or transform dishes. 

So keep an eye out for what what's next as we Unleash our Imagination

Crazy Co

Imagination Unleashed