Crazy is as Crazy does


What Makes us ‘Crazy’?

When you’re making a drink named Crazy Gin, you’re going to get questions about why you chose to call it ”crazy’.  We’ve been called crazy from day one, starting with family members who thought we should stick to what we know.

“What the hell do you know about gin?”

“What do you know about business?”

These are just a couple of the questions that we were asked by family members when we let them know of our plan to start making our own gin. The general consensus was that we were crazy to leave the stability of our jobs to pursue this dream. In Punjabi households it's normally expected that you should  go to school, get your degree, and get a good job so you can provide for a family of your own. Quitting your job to make gin doesn’t really fit into that timeline and they definitely let us hear about it. Instead of being deterred, we were inspired!  

We realised that yes, leaving your jobs to pursue a dream sparked from a conversation on a drunk Friday night seems crazy but we wanted to embrace that. Depending on who you ask, combining lassi and gin to show how British and Indian cultures have come together in our own lives might also seem crazy. Craziness is relative but for us, pursuing this dream has been our version of crazy. All of these factors contributed to us settling on the name ‘Crazy Gin’ because we wanted to share our journey with people and what better word to sum it all up. The funny thing about ideas like this is that when they’re first formed, people are quick to dismiss them. A lot of the people we look up to were bold enough to create something different in their fields and stick with it despite backlash. We are motivated by the opportunity to be innovative and creative in every aspect of our product. People always call the first person to do something crazy but when they see it working, they begin to accept it. So while our journey was sparked with this wild idea, we’ve loved seeing so many people accept it.