Are we bastardising lassi?

  • See answer above.

Do you make it in a bath tub?

  • This is not Breaking Bad and we’re not Walt and Jesse, so no, we do not make it in a bathtub. Crazy Gin is vacuum distilled in our Wolverhampton distillery, using our rotary evaporators (one of which is ironically named Heisenberg)

Will I get curry breath? Is it a curry in a bottle?

  • Not unless you’ve just eaten a curry. We use a perfect balance of traditional Indian spices such as turmeric and black cumin to add unique kick and warmth to each sip.

  • We originally had eight different formulas, each with a varying intensity of flavours. Formula 1 was so intense – you probably know how overwhelming too much turmeric can be for your tastebuds – whereas Formula 8 was so weak, all the flavours were lost to the tonic water. So we found that the middle ground, our Formula 4 that is circulating today, had just the right amount of flavour.] -> using what’s in squared brackets in blog post