Can I cook with it? Can you cook with Crazy Gin?

  • Yes! Crazy Gin is an extremely versatile drink that can be used in any number of sweet and savoury dishes. We always encourage people to get as creative as possible when cooking with Crazy Gin. You can see some of our favorite recipes here

Why is there a face on the bottle?

  • When you go to an unfamiliar place, seeing a friendly face is one of those things that immediately brings you comfort. We wanted people to get that friendly face feeling when they see a bottle of Crazy Gin in their local store, and we wanted that face to be the physical embodiment of us and our journey, hence the use of The Crazy Singh’s glasses.

Why did we make a lassi gin?

  • We want to give people an avenue to better understand first generation British-Indian culture and erase some of the ignorance and stereotypes around it. And because no one else has done it!